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Nantong City Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau came to our company for supervision and inspection

2019/01/08 19:51
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On November 10, 2016, Hu Xiaopeng, head of the food inspection team of the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Nantong City, and members of the inspection team, Yin Lie and Zhao Muzhen, came to Nantong Yuanheng Food Co., Ltd. for supervision and inspection. Gu Liming, general manager of the company, Wei Yaping, quality control department, Gu Yongfang, manager of marketing department, and Tang Yinjuan, administrative personnel department, accompanied the inspection.
Accompanied by the relevant personnel of our company, Mr. Hu and his team inspected the filling workshop, sterilization workshop, packaging workshop, canning workshop, raw and auxiliary material warehouse and finished semi-finished product warehouse. He also listened to Wei Yaping's report on the operation of the system documents.


Nantong City Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau came to our company for supervision and inspection


After the completion of all the inspections on the site, Mr. Hu and his team made a systematic check on the software materials according to the 22000 system documents. And samples were taken.
After the inspection, the last meeting was held. Mr. Hu expressed his gratitude to our company for its strong support and cooperation in this inspection, and emphasized that this inspection is a sample inspection. I have summarized the inspections of our company and put forward some non-conformities. For this inspection, Hu leader gave a positive evaluation to our company. I hope that I will maintain and do better in the future. I hope that the company itself should strengthen its responsibility. The heart will be severely punished if it is found to be out of compliance.
After the meeting, the leader of the group Hu stamped and confirmed the relevant materials and took the record. The general manager of our company has indicated that it will not disappoint the expectations of the leaders of the Commodity Inspection Bureau, make persistent efforts, do a good job of quality control, put quality in the middle, improve the sense of responsibility, and lay a good foundation for the rapid development of the company.