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CQC Quality System Certification Center's annual review of our 22000 system

2019/01/08 19:52
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On December 16, 2016, CQC Quality System Certification Center Qin Shi and Zhao Gong and his team reviewed and reviewed the 22000 system of our company.
At 10:15 am, a meeting meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the company. The general manager Gu Liming introduced the operation of the company's 22000 system and introduced the company's participants. Zhao Gong presented the procedures and rules of this annual review to the participants.
At 10:40, Zhao Gong, accompanied by Wei Yaping, Gu Yongfang and Jiang Bing, conducted on-site inspections on the filling workshop, and inspected the raw and auxiliary materials warehouse,and food additive warehouse, chemical warehouse and finished product warehouse. Zhao Gong praised the full-spirited spirit of the on-the-job staff and the attitude of working on the spot.And the use of existing conditions gives high praise to the continuous transformation and innovation of production equipment. 
In the afternoon, the system documents and related materials were reviewed and reviewed. The quality control department, the marketing department, the production equipment department, and the administrative personnel department were asked one by one. The face-to-face consultation was needed for the improvement and improvement. Everyone listened carefully, accepted it earnestly, and made a record.
At 16:15, the annual review meeting was held. Qin and Zhao Gong unanimously confirmed that our company has greatly improved in management. From the external environment to the production workshop, warehouse and production site records to the system documents and related information of various departments are relatively complete. Really continuous improvement, much better than before, and great progress. At the same time, it also points out the shortcomings of existence. I hope to further improve. Zhao Gong announced that the annual review was passed.
Finally, Mr. Gu Liming, General Manager, expressed his gratitude to Qin and Zhao for the guidance provided by the company in the annual review of the 22000 system. He affirmed the long-term unremitting efforts of the company's management personnel and asked everyone to carry forward the spirit of inheritance and make the work better. Improve and perfect the shortcomings in this annual review. Promote the stable development of the company through continuous improvement, continuous innovation and continuous improvement.